Long Term Rental References & Legal Requirements

In order to comply with the current regulation for the prevention of money laundering we are required by law to hold at our office a personal file for all clients with which we maintain any form of professional activity. This file must include personal identification as well as documents regarding their professional activities.

In order to receive funds from your clients in our client account for the rental of the said property, we are obliged by law to carry out a due diligence process to verify the source of the funds in question.

This said, the type of documentation required by ourselves to complete the file for our clients consists on the following:

For Identification purposes

  1. Copy of current passports.
  2. Documents to confirm their permanent address such as a current electricity, telephone, water bill or a bank statement where their names and addresses appear.
  3. A Personal Reference letter from their bank, accountant or lawyer.

Source of funds

  1. A summary describing personal and professional activities. (backgrounds)
  2. Documentation to confirm the activities described in the summary, such as:
    • Current work contract’s
    • Latest pay slip’s.
    • Reference letter from company manager or director confirming employment, position and salary etc.
    • Last annual Tax Return/s.
    • Any other documentation showing that the clients have the financial ability to subscribe the projected rental agreement savings/deposit accounts, etc.

Please note that the following information is required for all persons to be included in the Rental Contract AND/OR providing funds for the same.