Benahavís to build up to 6,000 new homes after the approval of the PGOU

The new plans are to incorporate between 2,000 – 4,000 homes in the area that have not yet been developed.

Boundaries to remain the same with Marbella

The new General Plan of Benahavis will maintain the same boundaries with the municipality of Marbella which was approved in 1993 and the revised text in 1997 has remained in force until the current day.

Since then, the Andalusian local government has a period of five months to report favourably, although the City expects that the deadline has not exhausted and that the document can come into force much sooner.

With the approval of the new General Plan of Benahavis we can assume that this will be the starting point of a new stage for the urban development in the area.

The municipality is currently using the 1993 Plan, the text of which was revised four years later. Although there have been few developers in recent years that have called for an update of the urban planning laws to respond to the new demand they receive.

When approved, Benahavís will have permission to build 2,000 new homes will add to other 4,000 under two partial plans already approved by the Board of Andalusia in Montemayor and La Quinta and have not yet developed.

In fact, accounting for 4,000 homes that had already been approved by the Board in the aforementioned partial plans was the subject of controversy during the pendency of the General Plan, as the regional administration understood that should be taken into account when counting the quota of new homes that could be included in the new plans. Finally proposed by the City Council and Benahavis now have the possibility to build 6,000 new homes criterion was accepted.

Although it is a town of only 6,660 inhabitants, Benahavís is one of the largest municipalities in the province of Malaga, with 145 square kilometres. Only 0.8 percent of its municipal area is built.

According to the type of construction that prevails in the city, most of the new homes will rise will be detached and will be distributed throughout the term, as explained by local sources, and will be in proportion to the demand of each promotion.

The sources ruled out that this maximum number of 6,000 homes will be developed in a short period of time, as the pace will depend on how demand in the housing market.