Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I contact One Marbella?

It’s easy to get in touch with us. You can email us at, or alternatively call us on (0034) 952 883 985.

2. How do I arrange to view a long-term rental property?

Simply call or email us with the reference number or description of the property and our long-term rental experts will arrange a viewing of the property at a convenient time. They can also suggest other options which suit your requirements if you wish.

3. Do you check the properties before you rent them out?

Before any property is taken on for rental one of our experienced rental team checks the property, takes accurate photographs, prepares a property description, and recommends a competitive rental price. One of our inspectors then undertakes a pre-rental inspection and makes any relevant recommendations to the owner, and prepares a full inventory.

4. What’s the process for renting a property with One Marbella?

Once we have helped you establish exactly what type of property you want for your new home and where on the Coast you wish to live, we put together a small portfolio of properties for you to view which are within your budget. One of our rental executives accompanies you on the viewings to tell you about the property and the local area, and to help your with any questions you may have. Once you have selected your new home, you would need to pay a holding deposit normally equivalent to two month’s rent (this then becomes your security deposit). We then require two references (one work, one personal), a copy of your N.I.E. (residence documentation) or passport, and your bank details. Once we have agreed your moving-in date and the duration of your tenancy, we draw up the contract and other paperwork for you to sign. On the day you collect the keys you will meet at the property and sign the contract and pay the first month’s rent in advance or whatever advance rent we have agreed with the landlord.

5. What are the contract terms for long-term rental accommodation?

The contract you sign clearly outlines the responsibilities of both you, as the tenant, and the owner. The contract length is a minimum fixed period of six months but normally for a period of eleven months and the rental payments are due one month in advance. If you have any questions regarding your contract we are always here to help you. Please note that some landlords may want more than one month’s rental in advance.

6. How do I pay the rent?

There are a number of ways to pay your rent. You can either pay via bank transfer each month or ask your bank to set up a standing order for your payment to be made into the Landlords account automatically each month. Alternatively, you can pay in cash.

7. What does the rental price include?

The rental price includes the fixtures and fittings of the property as advertised.

8. Is the rental price for the whole property or per person?

The monthly rental price is for the whole property, not per person.

9. Are bills included in the rental price?

No. Tenants are responsible for paying all the utility bills. The electricity contract maybe changed into your name for the duration of the tenancy, and the water and gas companies will be given your account details to enable your bank to pay the direct debits. Or alternatively arrangements can be made to pay the landlord directly. If you have an appliance which requires gas bottles, you are responsible for refilling these. Any phone or internet bills will also be in your name. The owner pays the community fees and any taxes associated with the property.

10. What is the security deposit for?

The refundable security deposit is a reserve against actual damages, lost keys, unpaid rent or utilities, items missing from the inventory and any excess cleaning charges on departure.

11. How and to whom is the security deposit paid?

In the case where we are managing your tenancy on behalf of the owner, your security deposit is paid to us and we hold it securely for the duration of the tenancy. Where tenancies are managed directly by the owner, the deposit would be paid to the owner and held by them. You would be advised of this in advance. There are a number of ways to pay. You can either pay via bank transfer or we can debit the amount directly from your bank account. Alternatively, you can pay by cash, cheque.

12. When is the security deposit returned?

The security deposit is returned to you once you have left the property and the post-rental check, and the departure cleaning has taken place. Any dilapidation or items missing from the inventory will be deducted from the deposit, together with the cost of the inventory check, the cleaning and any outstanding bills. You will receive the balance of your deposit no more than 30 days after all these costs have been established and will be presented with a full statement of account.

13. Are pets allowed?

This is at the sole discretion of the owner of the property. You would require confirmation in writing that pets are allowed, which we can request from the owner on your behalf.

14. Do you supply all linen for the beds, towels etc?

This depends on the way in which the property has been furnished by the owner. Some properties have linen and some do not. You can obviously use whatever linen is provided in the property and listed on the inventory. If you require linen we can ask the owner if they would provide it, but they are under no obligation to do so.

15. Do I have to pay any additional fees on top of the rent, such as community or service fees?

Not normally. Costs such as community fees and taxes relating to the property are usually borne by the owner of the property. However, the tenant is liable for all utility bills such as electricity, gas and telephone charges. Also, if the property has a private pool or garden you may be liable to pay for pool cleaning and gardening unless this has been agreed to the contrary prior to contract stage and you have written confirmation from the owner that they will meet such costs. We would request such confirmation from the owner on your behalf.

16. Can I use the telephone in the property?

Most properties do not have pre-installed telephone lines, however if such a line exists in the property you choose, this account would then be transferred into your name so the bills could be debited from your bank account. If you require a telephone line or internet services to be installed, you need prior written permission from the owner of the property, which we would be happy to request for you (this request is not normally refused). You could then contact the telephone line or internet services provider and arrange for installation. The account for this facility would be in your name and all costs relating to installation and usage would be your personal responsibility, including disconnection charges at the end of the tenancy.

17. Will the property be clean on arrival?

Yes, a pre-rental clean will be carried out before you move into the property.

18. Will I receive an inventory?

Yes. Inventories are prepared for all of our rental properties. When you move in you will sign to say you have received a copy of the inventory and will have seven days to check it and return a signed copy to us. If you have any questions about the inventory you would need to contact the office within this time period, otherwise the inventory will be deemed to be correct.

19. What do I do if something breaks?

If your property is being managed by One Marbella, you can call our office during normal working hours to report it, and we will be able to advise you who is responsible for the cost of the repair and replacement. If your property is owner-managed, then you will need to report a breakage or breakdown to the owner direct.

20. How do I get UK TV and will the landlord pay for it?

Most urbanizations have a communal satellite dish that picks up the English free-to-view channels, where you simply connect up your existing Sky box. Alternatively you can install an IPTV Box which works through the internet and is broadcast usually in several languages. If the community does not have an on-site company, or if you need a new box to be installed, we can recommend a reputable local company who supplies satellite and IPTV facilities. The costs for satellite and IPTV TV would be your own responsibility, unless the owner agrees by prior arrangement to meet such costs. We could make a request on your behalf to the owner, but any agreement to pay would be at the sole discretion of the owner.

21. Can I use the store-room?

If the property is advertised with a store-room, then yes. If not, and a store-room exists, we could ask the owner on your behalf.

22. How do I get Internet?

There are a number of ways to obtain Internet coverage along the coast. Telefonica are the main telephone landline provider and offer quite a reliable Internet service, but they are not cheap. There are a number of wireless operators and 3G options on the Coast, and we would recommend ‘shopping around’ to find the deal that suits you best before deciding on a company. You can expect to wait a few weeks for installation. If you have to have a landline installed, you would need the prior written permission of the owner to do so, and the account would have to be contracted in your own name.

23. What happens when I leave?

After you have returned the keys to the office the property inspector will visit your property to do a post-rental check, where he will identify any dilapidations and check the inventory. Our housekeeping team then check the property to ensure it has been left in the same clean condition as at the start of the tenancy, and will perform any necessary cleaning, and commission any required laundry or dry cleaning of linens and furnishings. Obviously, the cleaner the property, the less time will be spent there, and the less money it will cost you. Once all the costs of inventory check, cleaning, and rectification of dilapidations have been established, these costs will be deducted from your deposit (along with any outstanding bills) and the balance will be returned to you.

24. What fees do I have to pay One Marbella?

In some cases the listings on this website will require an agency fee to be paid by the tenant. This covers due diligence and inventory of the property to be rented. (This fee is due when paying your deposit).

25. Can I renew the contract?

If you wish to extend your stay at the property you will need to contact One Marbella one month before the contract end date. We will then inform the owner and tell them that you wish to renew your contract and let you know if they wish to renew also. If then an agreement is made with the owner then we shall draw up a new lease contract and get you to sign it.